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David Pfeiffer takes the concept of outdoor rooms seriously-and literally. His masterful landscape compositions successfully marry the fields of interior design, landscape design and horticulture, blurring the lines between home and garden.

"I will furnish the exterior like the interior of the house is furnished," explains Pfeiffer. "Are the seating areas the right height? Are the paths wide enough? How do you move from place to place? It's like doing a floor plan for a house."

Inspired by Edwin Lutyens and the European school of design, Pfeiffer's aesthetic fits surprisingly well into the Northwest landscape. His use of natural materials, especially stone, creates strongly elemental gardens. Symmetry and the long axis play a huge role in his neotraditional landscapes.

A recent collaboration with the Miller/Hull Partnership on his Vashon Island home inspired Pfeiffer to push the usual architectural elements-arbors, patios, paths and retaining walls-in a new direction. Whereas in the past he might have borrowed features straight out of a 19th-century English garden, Pfeiffer now enjoys adapting classic garden design so that it works for the way his Pacific Northwest clients live today.

Collaborative efforts with interior designers and architects hold the strongest appeal for Pfeiffer. "I love the coming together of the different design fields so that we can influence each other and make a better whole than the sum of the parts," he says.

It's this integration of the various design disciplines that makes Pfeiffer's garden compositions so masterful.

-Linda Plato
from the 2004 Design Achievement Awards
October 2004 issue
Seattle Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Magazine


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